• Fast-growing financial security due to low claims costs, tightly controlled expenses and steady membership growth
  • Underwriting to attract the top-performing companies in the industry and unmatched claims support that keeps them in the program
  • Future cost for members is based on experience of the group, enabling NRSIG to benefit from its strong claims support




Claims Management and Control

  • Close claims with positive employee outcomes.
  • Support clients from a “best in industry” professional outlook.
  • Provide tools for claims management.
  • Set firm protocols on claims management and enforces them with the TPA.
  • Provide claims file audits to ensure continuous effectiveness.
  • Work strategically with legal counsel on litigated claims.




User-friendly Technology

  • Secure online account to view and update account information.
  • Customization to match the needs of any client.
  • Backed by a team of technology development experts.
  • Comprehensive technical support.




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